Tassili and Tassili Supra products are designed according to high quality manufacturing standards. We offer different types of warranties depending on the product category.


We offer a limited lifetime warranty covering faucets and their cartridge which could be replaced for life. Every other faucet part is covered by a limited warranty for two years from the date of original purchase. Showers, kitchen and bathroom sinks, furniture, toilet seats and toilets are covered by the limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase. As for our bathtubs, they are covered by the limited warranty for five years.

To obtain further information, you may download the legal documents and refer to the documents contained in the product’s package.


Tassili and Tassili Supra products have obtained one or several of the following certifications.

Our inspection teams permanently supervise and control before production to ensure that our quality criteria are fulfilled. You have the guarantee that Tassili products are made of resistant materials that meet the requirements of the market.

As a reminder, non-approved products can pose sanitation and safety risks. You should always require plumbing equipment which comply with the standards in force.